Friday, September 4, 2009

My Darling Sister

most beautiful and loving she is..
her smile so infectious
it spreads faster than the flu..
been there for me in thick and thin...
teases like a friend

cares like a mother..
has a solution for all my problems..

and for all the mistakes i do ..

she has a reason to prove

it was nt a mistake at all..
an inspiration she is to me..
the best gift mother has given to me..

This is My darling Sister
isnt she beautiful..:)


  1. very cute..:)

    Hope she will be these lines Dear ..:)

  2. hey..lovelyy..

    She is looking veryy cutee in the pic..:)

  3. wow....sooo cute:)...thak u sweetie:) dont give reasons simple dear..:)..u really wod'nt have done any mistakes ashte:)...thank u dear:)..very very nice:)..n my pics cute alwa:)...:)..awesome template dear:)...this is perfect:)

  4. its come out so well dear..and yes ur sister truly deserves these lines :) u have expressed it so wonderfully :)superb sweetie :)keep going :)

  5. @ tullip-- Hmm dedicated to u sweetie:)

  6. @ snow white-- thanku sweetie:)

  7. hey, she's so cute.. wonderin what u look like! :)

    show me soon ok? :)


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