Friday, September 4, 2009

Thinking of u

here tonight..
alone i wait for u..
a call a msg anything will do..
jus to know tat u bethink of me..
not all the time
atleast once in a while..
wish i cud hear ur voice just for a second..
I love u so much it hurts..
some how i ve started enjoying the pain..
thinking of u in joy or pain not tat its the same..
but thinking of u is all that i can do..
thats the only choice u have gifted me..
for today tommorrow and ever..


  1. its come out beautiful dear :)its really touching :)

  2. @Pramoda,Tulip,snowwhite--Thanku:)

  3. hey angel, the words are very nice!

    just a suggestion.. don't use SMS lingo in poetry.. :) it makes it seem like you're in a hurry here also! :)

  4. @leo-- thanku leo..:)
    ok sure dear.. will make a note of it:)


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